Photography for Mums

If you have a digital SLR or compact camera in a forgotten drawer somewhere, why not dust it off and learn to take better photographs of your children?

Capturing my children's childhood and our family life is my main motivation for picking up my camera everyday, and I would love to teach you how to improve your own family photographs in a very hands on and practical way!


fool-proof methoD for shooting in manual 

£100 for 1-on-1 mentoring. £75pp for groups.

Forget Auto Mode, and learn to shoot in full MANUAL mode in just one morning with my tried and tested "fool proof" method! 

In this 3h session you will be confident understanding the exposure triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO, how to meter and expose your photographs correctly and leave with a basic understanding of light and composition to capture great photographs of your children.

*Plus a bonus section on self-portraits and how to get in the frame with your kids!


Advanced light, composition and beyond

£150 for 1-on-1 mentoring. £125pp for groups.

A much more in depth course on understanding light and composition in photography.  This course is completely tailored to your home and local surroundings. In one morning (3h session) I will teach you how to find the best light in your own home and garden or local park and how to improve your composition to make for more interesting and creative photographs.