"Thank you so much for the pictures, we absolutely love them! I've never wanted to do a shoot in a studio as they don't look natural, that's why I preferred a shoot in our house. I now know that it was the right decision. These pictures are so natural. We love the light and we love the way you captured the expressions on the babies' faces. I don't know how many times I've looked at them. They are just amazing. I am looking forward to seeing them on the walls now."
Esin P. ~ mum of twins (6 months old)

"It was a pleasure to have Carla taking our photos. The day was a really enjoyable as she worked with us, in our home, to make us and our daughter feel as comfortable as possible and we ended up with some lovely photos that really reflect our family life. Carla was determined to produce a selection that showed us at home, in our natural environment to give the greatest chance of a true reflection of our family. And what results! We love the photos and feel they really captured our family dynamic and give us a lovely memory of us, in our current family home as a family unit.
Thank you so much!!" - Bea G. , mum to a lovely little girl (2) and newborn boy



"Carla is amazing - not only talented but is brilliant at getting the most out of your kids."
Lucinda Robins of The London Mummy ~ mum to 3 wonderfully active kids (2, 4 and 6)

"We were absolutely delighted with the results of our newborn photo shoot. Carla is so easy to have around which made for a totally relaxed morning- and even my usually camera-shy husband was happy to be involved! She captured our little family in a very natural way and we are so pleased that we now have beautiful photo memories to treasure for years to come. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Thank you! "
Katherine J. ~ mum to 2 gorgeous boys (3 and newborn)

"We were very happy with our photo shoot with Carla Monge Photography. Our family has done a few photo sessions with different photographers, and we always feel awkward which then shows in the pictures. We didn't feel that way at all with Carla (even my husband who hates and has no patience for photos). She was very laid back and friendly, not pushy at all. Plus, she was quick (essential with children). We couldn't believe the number of nice shots she got in a short amount of time. We would whole heartedly recommend Carla, and we can't wait for our next family shoot with her!"
Kate R. ~ mum to 2 lovely girls (1 and 4)

"It was certainly the most precious gift I have ever had and I treasure those photos. Not only do we look amazing :) but the photo shoot was fun and we really enjoyed it. We were relaxed and even the kids behaved so well and had a great time, they were kind of hypnotized by the camera. Carla is an amazing photographer, able to capture that "thing" and to deliver every photo with an incredible light."
Alejandra M. ~ mum to 2 wonderful boys (2 and 10months)

"I'm a photo lover mother of two who is forever attempting to make memories for my children to look back on but the more I document the less I see myself in the frame. I was determined to get in frame despite my awkwardness with photos.
We were, naturally, a little worried that neither our three-month old baby and boisterous two-year old toddler would play ball but, in the end, Carla's friendly and collected personality completely and utterly took over us and we all felt so relaxed.
While my aim was to have at least one good photo of us four, we ended up with several incredibly and wonderfully beautiful images of us four AND our extended families who were in town for a family get together.
I cannot not think of a better person, photographer, artist really, to capture those moments a family would treasure for years to come. Thank you, again, Carla!"       
      Tabatha W. ~ mum to a lovely boy and baby girl (2 and 3 months)

"Great photos of my newborn Joaquin! Such a great memory of a very special day..."
Maite G. ~ mum to baby Joaquin (12 hours new <3)

"I normally hate to pose for a photo and feel quite uncomfortable doing it (I always get my typical "photo face" which makes it very difficult to have decent photos). Carla made us feel so comfortable and relaxed that we forgot about the camera and had a great time. We didn't have to pose, just go with the flow and that's why the photos are so natural.I love the result!!"
Paloma L. ~ mum to a beautiful girl (3) and pregnant with a little boy

"We felt really comfortable with Carla and the atmosphere she created was great. When we saw the pics we just thought that Carla's work was way beyond good, it was outstanding.
Thank you Carla for everything!!!"
Irene C. ~ mum to a gorgeous boy (2)