My mentoring packages can be completely tailored to your needs and can be done in person or via FaceTime/Skype. I have learnt shooting and editing through some online courses, but mostly through lots, and LOTS of practice and perseverance on my own. I would love to help anyone with their sails set on this journey to speed up their learning curve and gain confidence in themselves more quickly than I ever did! I am an engineer at heart, so the way my own workflow works and the way I teach is very much a structured system from shooting to archiving photographs, culling, editing and finally presenting the images. The importance of having a loose structure to my process, is that it actually allows me to not need to worry about the structure and focus on the real moments and details as they're happening before me.  If this way of thinking sounds appealing to you, then lets talk!

Topics we can cover range from shooting clients or personal work, editing, interacting and leading a session to relax your subjects and give way to authentic emotions and connections, refining your style and vision or even running your business.

If you'd like to learn a little more about my journey in photography, thoughts on creativity and vision, you can read my feature on Dear Photographer blog here.

If you'd like more information regarding my mentoring don't hesitate to contact me!

I hope to hear from you!