ARTIFACT MOTHERHOOD: A Tangled Mess of Loving Hearts and Helping Hands...

With this first journal entry today, I am excited to begin a collaboration with a wonderful group of mothers and artists across the globe. Artifact Motherhood is the name of the project, a project to leave a collection of images, thoughts, words for our children... to share our children's stories through our eyes, and to share our own joys and struggles of motherhood. To leave a small trail of crumbs through our lives and through theirs, so that they may one day follow it and collect the pieces, to get a glimpse back at how our journeys and theirs were beautifully intertwined. Through this blog circle we will link through each others blogs every couple of months and share our experiences of motherhood, each in different countries, different cultures and different stages of our lives and our children's lives. I hope you enjoy reading through the circle. C x

Letters to you, my Children,

A tangled mess of loving hearts and helping hands, that is how I can best describe our family at the moment.... and truly, that is all we need.

A beautiful, tangled, joyful, complicated, lively, chaotic mess of loving hearts and helping hands which I am grateful for everyday and wouldn't change for the world.



The last few months have been exciting! Embarking on a wonderful journey to welcome a new baby into our home! A journey that is new to you, and anything that is new to you becomes new again for me, that is one of the magical things about motherhood. Pregnancy is nothing short of a miracle, which I don't take for granted, and this one will be extra special because I get to share it with you both. 

You kiss baby good morning and goodnight all the time, you rub baby and listen to my belly to hear “all the baby sounds” which I think must be my tummy grumbling mostly! You tell me you're going to teach the baby maths, and words in Spanish and English, and Mario Kart 64... all the important things! And my favourite question which made me laugh out loud:

“Mummy, how did you swallow the baby to get it in your tummy?!”.....we’ll talk about that one another time....!



It hasn’t been easy looking after you both, baby your Dad and myself these past few months. And you have all taken such good care of me in your own ways. Keeping up with the basics and with work has been pretty much the most I've had the energy to do. And still, somehow you have the unknowing grace to say that Mummy's {very basic} cooking is the best, and that I take you on the best adventures, even when sometimes they're just to the supermarket. You truly shift my perspective when I see things through your eyes. Some afternoons all we do is snuggle up on the sofa, talking, reading or simply watching cartoons. Some evenings you tell me that the best part of the day was just being with Mummy, and those words have the power to set my mind right at ease. Whatever I was able to do that day, that was enough.


Love you always,

M x


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I hope you enjoy following along this project with us, and maybe even be inspired to begin a version of your own!

To learn more about Artifact Motherhood please visit our website.